Chloe Alpert is the CEO and Co-founder of Medinas whose mission is to help reduce a portion of the $765bn in yearly US healthcare waste through its trusted pre-owned medical equipment marketplace and digital asset management software. Medinas has helped hospitals save over $50M in sales equivalency to date and divert over 33,000 lbs of equipment from landfills. In 2019, Chloe won the $1 million grand prize at the Global Creator Awards Finals and in 2018 she won the $360k grand prize at the Regional San Francisco Creator Awards. Chloe also won the 2017 $500k Forbes Under 30 Global Change The World Competition.

In addition to Medinas, Chloe also founded Happy Pay, a financial consumer promotions company that enables businesses to acquire customers through turnkey monetary competitions and creative campaigns and notably offers a record £25M jackpot.  She also is a co-founder of the Women’s Founder Community, the largest online community for women entrepreneurs. Chloe also founded and owns Savon Body, an online soap company.

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2019 $1M Global Creator Awards Winner
2017 $500K Forbes Under 30 Competition
2019 Los Angeles Wework Global Summit
2018 $360K Regional Creator Awards Winner
2018 Regional Creator Awards
2019 Los Angeles Wework Global Summit
2014 500 Startups Batch 9
2019 on KTLA 5 Morning Show
2017 Boston Forbes Under 30 Summit