in The Future

Predictions 2016 Edition.

  • Apple will eventually come out with a Visa/Mastercard competitor via it’s Apple pay product.
  • Bitcoin will be embraced by governments within the next 5 years. One major nation will adopt it, and everyone will follow in an arms race.
  • Laptops on their way out to be replaced by mobile phones which will eventually be replaced by other IOT devices.
  • IOT devices will eventually be so inexpensive and simple, they’ll be disposable like band-aids.
  • Job automation will eventually result in a new cultural renaissance which will re-emphasize arts, crafts and other luxury markets.
  • Advertising and media will move from a push paradigm to a pull paradigm, and voice commerce will lead to voice payment domination.
  • Amazon will be the next media giant if and when they decide to invest real capital in content creators.