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Medinas Health seed round closing announcement and thanks

It has taken a lot of hard work by a lot of good people to bring me to the point where I have the privilege of writing this post. Sitting down to it now, I realize there’s so much I want to say and even more to do.
Medinas is setting out to solve a multi-hundred billion dollar problem – to help provide a frictionless solution to help reduce the amount of surplus and waste in the healthcare system.  If we can help bring care to those who need it and reduce costs, we’ll have done our jobs. The problem we’re working on is a very large and obfuscated one – it’s going to take huge amounts of relationship building, discipline, and high-quality execution to achieve our goals… all of which we’re laser focused on delivering.
To our investors:
Thank you for believing in our team and in our mission. We recognize that it took a lot of work for you to be in a position to back us with your investment, and we’re humbled that you took the chance on us. In kind, we plan to work as hard as we can to prove you right.
To our early partners:
Every business has to start somewhere – thank you for your patience and belief in our partnership. We’re excited to be working with you now and well into the future.
To the friends of Medinas:
We remember every ask, introduction, bit of advice, and coffee.  It’s friends and supporters like you that make startups like this possible, and we want you to know that we are eternally grateful.
To my co-founders & team:
I can’t imagine a better group of people I would want to burn the candle at both ends with.  I’m truly humbled by your belief in our mission and in my ability to steer this ship.  I will do everything in my power to continue to be worthy of that.