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Harmony Medical Solutions Med Bays will change rural and disaster zone imaging.

I was recently in Nashville visiting one of our newest Medinas Health partners, Harmony Medical Solutions, and got the chance to learn about their new Med Bays product.  It’s an ingenious concept where they’re refurbishing CT Scanners, and installing them in a 20-ft shipping container that is a fully mobile and ready-to-go imaging center.

Literally an imaging center in-a-box.

What makes it so ingenious is that these “Med Bays” are making use of refurbished equipment, meaning that the all-in-cost of these in-a-box Med Bays are fractions of what it would cost to setup an imaging suite at a hospital (let alone build an entire building site).

These Med Bays can be deployed to under-served regions, disaster zones, or totally rural communities that may have never had access to any sort of medical imaging before, and it’s all being driven by the brilliant minds at Harmony.

This is the sort of mission that Medinas is empowering and I’m excited to partner with Harmony Medical Solutions.