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I build e/mCommerce companies.
I write about what I learn.
I hack growth.

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I'm a technical and design-driven founder/growth hacker who loves numbers, understanding people and problem solving. Right now I'm working on growth at Teespringif you have something interesting you think I should read, want to connect, have an idea for a startup, or share my passion for really good chats over coffee.

  • I've got some essays on growth hacking, e/mCommerce, and building startups on my blog if you want to check them out. One of my top essays is how to get your startup on the front page of Reddit.
  • Want some super cool custom t-shirt swag? Check out Teespring, it's an online commerce platform that empowers creators to design, promote and sell their own products that customers will love.
  • If you're looking for an engagement ring, Watson + Bell can help - we do custom gemstone & sapphire engagement rings, and we're working on a service to help you plan an unforgettable proposal.
  • One of my side businesses is Sàvon Body - Hard working bodies get a little dirty. Our amazing soap can help you get clean.
  • I recently led a team to a top 40 finish out of 250 teams at the 2016 LAUNCH Hackathon. We developed WeeVee - a personal AI bot designed to help guide you through events and conferences.
  • I like to make simple stuff that's useful like practice your VC pitch. It pulls questions from the Y Combinator & 500 Startups interview process to help you practice like the real thing.
  • I've been mentioned in a few books, including The Niche Movement by Kevin O'Connell, and spoke on a UC Berkeley panel about innovation & inclusion in the technology sector.
  • One of my learning projects is Regisiter - a cloud-based inventory management & Sales CRM software for vertically integrated consumer product companies.
  • In 2014 I was one of the youngest female founders to go through 500 Startups as the Founder & CEO of Teaman & Company - a 3D printed jewelry production startup. I led a team of six and raised venture funding.
  • I also served as a public relations manager at THON - the world's largest volunteer-run philanthropy. We raised over $7.9 million for paediatric cancer research & The Four Diamonds Fund in our fiscal year.
  • A long time ago I was the State President of Pennsylvania TSA - I was elected to represent over 20,000+ technology students in the State of Pennsylvania and lead a team of eight state officers. I also won 5 international competitions in technical design & imaging technologies.

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